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POM Application( application which will automatically start MT4 on any VPS reboot )
Posted by BEEKS JP - Yusuke Kiyama on 07 April 2012 04:07 AM
  • First, please find BeeksFX POM Setup file, and install it to your VPS.

 Pom Picture no 1

 Pom Picture no 2 


  • You will find BeeksFX POM Shortcut on your desktop to run the app.

Pom Picture no 3


  • Here is the screenshot of the app.

 Pom Picture no 4


  • Click load at startup to make the app load the apps in the list on every windows restart. You will need to input administrator’s password on the credential form.

Pom Picture no 5


  • Please add your email address into POM for alerts should the application detect any MT4 as hang/freeze if your mt4 goes into a not responsing state for 30 seconds POM will notify you to the email address added
  • You can change startup delay before apps start loading. (it is unwise to have all of your mt4 's trying to start at the same time, it puts unnecessary load on the VPS)
  • You can click the Add button to add MT4s, or just drag the MT4 Terminal file or even it’s shortcut to the list. By default each MT4 has delay 10 seconds, to prevent VPS Loads get big impact if 10 MT4s starts together.

Pom Picture no 6


  • Should an application/MT4 hang/freeze, the program will mark it. Users won’t see this, but as it’s for testing you can see the hang column and email timer column. The hang column will get check box mark. 30 seconds later, if the app still freeze, BeeksFX will kill the process from taskbar, restart the process, and send mail to the address. The email timer column value of the app will change to 3600. So in 3600 seconds, BeeksFX won’t mail again if the same app crashed again. However it will keep recording on the log.
        The number show what app is observed right now.

 Pom Picture no 7

  • Any value changes by user will saved immediately.


This is the testing screenshot.


For user, GUI will be like below :

Pom Picture No 8

 beekspominstaller.msi (1.34 MB)
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